Let's get your child reading!

My passion is helping children become confident readers and spellers by teaching them how our written language works. Parents often share feelings of frustration because they are unaware of how to help their child. The common advice to “sound it out” is not effective and causes confusion when met with a word such as sign. The approach I use builds a child’s understanding and confidence.

How I Can Help

The approach I use draws children in while building an understanding of our writing system. No confusing rules or exceptions to memorize which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem. This approach works equally well with children for whom English is their first, second or even third language.

Children who struggle due to a learning difference (diagnosed or not) demonstrate amazing growth! The benefits of this approach are supported by research. Call me to discuss your child’s progress; our conversation will outline how I can be of help!

An Example of How Understanding is Built

An Example of How We Expand Vocabulary

Early Intervention

The impact of starting early is significant.

This Mom's Story; A Video Testimonial about Reading Improvement

My Child Struggled

"Because of the limitation of vocabulary I can see he struggles in expressing himself which impacts his school performance and social life. I was frustrated and desperate."

Difference Melane Made

"Most importantly his confidence has built and he is more willing to take the challenges we gave"

More Than Just Teacher

"She is a passionate teacher. Besides classes, I can see they joke with each other. They laugh out loud."

What Parents Say about Me

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. My goal is to help your child improve reading, spelling, and comprehension.

I am a Reading Specialist and Educator with over 30 years of experience. I am passionate about teaching children to read and spell. When children build understanding, their lives change.