About Tessera Teaching

I am a Reading Specialist and Educator with over 30 years of experience. I am passionate about teaching children to read and spell. When children begin to read with ease, their lives change. I am fortunate to be able to help foster this ability and be a part of the “a-Ha!” moment when it all starts to make sense.

Parents often share feelings of frustration with me. They are unsure of how to help their child, who is clearly talented in so many ways, yet struggles with reading and spelling. I have the tools to not only help children learn to read and spell but become more confident while doing so. Building the self-esteem of children who see others around them learning to read so ‘easily’ is critical and a large part of my practice. Once they understand the English writing system, self-esteem will soar!

My background includes teaching elementary, middle, and high school grades. I was fortunate to support students with complex learning profiles as a resource and learning support teacher for several years. My Master’s degree in special education/deafness gave me the strong foundation to work with children with hearing loss to build language, literacy, and self-advocacy skills. I enjoy a trusting, long-term sustained relationship with parents. My strength in building relationships is a win-win for the student and makes my work very rewarding. It continues to be my absolute privilege working with children to help them understand that they are capable and they can be successful.

Teacher of d/Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Melane is a trained Teacher of d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. She supports students of all ages with varying degrees of hearing loss. Her students receive in depth support in the areas of reading, spelling, literacy, and language development; social-emotional development; and self advocacy skills. Melane regards collaboration and fostering of relationships with parents, teachers and community personnel as central to her role.