Online Dyslexia Tutoring

During the COVID pandemic, we all had to learn how to manage online communication. Tessera Teaching is no exception! Using Microsoft TEAMS or Zoom platforms, I can provide access to targeted and individualized supports for your child’s unique learning needs – despite any geographical distance.

Advantages to Online Tutoring

While online together, I can actually work with your child face-to-face! We will have access to book reading and investigations of word structure and spelling patterns in the English language. We will play games to reinforce learning and have fun at the same time. Even your child’s written responses can easily be included in the face-to-face learning opportunity. Dylexia tutoring online is a successful model of supportive learning for children who have difficulties with reading and spelling. I have benefited from learning about new ways of teaching children with dyslexia because now, geographical distance is no longer a factor!

An Example of How We Expand Vocabulary