Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

These skills go hand in hand. Being able to successfully read a word is no guarantee that a child will spell it correctly. But the reverse is true- if she can correctly spell a word, she will be able to read it.
If asked, I don’t believe a child would choose to be the one who struggles in class. So getting appropriate help is certainly critical for skill development. Of equal importance, in my opinion, is finding, fostering and celebrating your child’s many strengths. This will certainly assist your child in maintaining a positive self-esteem while working so hard to improve reading and spelling.
Yes it can. Sometimes the difficulties appear in subsequent generations, as either less or more of a challenge. If a parent struggles with reading or spelling, watching your child’s developing skills is strongly encouraged. I say this so often: the earlier the better!
Absolutely! Dyslexia means there is difficulty when learning language (reading, writing, spelling). If you are searching for answers, you have already determined she has not yet found her missing piece to the puzzle. I’m always happy to speak to any parent about reading and spelling. Call me!