Parent Testimonials

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Parent Testimonial

She is dedicated to helping kids learn to spell. When spelling she is great about assisting my son when he gets frustrated with a word. My son always enjoys learning the history of the words they study in the sessions.

ESL Testimonial

Parent Testimonial

It has been a pleasure to work with Melane! My daughter, who has been identified as dyslexic at the age of 9, has been working with Melane for over 4 years. My daughter was having great difficulties spelling and reading and this was killing her comprehension and self-esteem. Melane’s approach is very logical, focusing on deconstructing each word which made most sense for my daughter. We are amazed at the progress our daughter has made. Not only has she improved in reading and spelling, she often recites grammar rules. She has moved on to reading chapter books while I thought it would not be possible before. Another aspect is that Melane and my daughter developed a really good friendship over the years.

Melane is a very kind, caring, professional, and supportive person!
– VR

Student Testimonial