Spelling and Writing Tutor

When I teach children who struggle with writing and spelling, invariably the spelling of the word “think” comes up.

"Sounding it out" not Always the Best for Spelling

It is not unusual for children to spell “think” as “thingk” and include a < g > because they are trying to spell by ‘sounding it out.’ The student is familiar with the common suffix that is spelled < -ing >. But let’s ask ourselves, is it the letter g that spells the / ing / sound? If it were, what about the word shingle? Is the < g > silent? No! What about wrinkle? There is no < g > in this word! Spelling by ‘sounding it out” and memorizing ‘sight words’ are two strategies that can make reading and spelling more frustrating.

Spelling and Structure of Words

When I teach my students about the structure of words, they learn that the English writing system has a coherent and logical structure. Understanding is the result. No more frustration while guessing or memorizing! Children begin to understand what they are reading—which is the goal for any reading activity. Smiles of self-confidence ensue.