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Read this sentence: There are seven days in a week. Now read this sentence: The nights are getting longer.
Child Reading With Dyslexia

Word Endings - What do they mean?

What did notice about the word endings in days and nights? They are both plural, yes. But how is that final < s > being pronounced? Is it the same in both words? No! In fact, a single, final < s > in words is more often pronounced as /z/ than /s/ in English. This explains why children might spell with a final < z > instead of an < s > in words. Have you noticed your child spelling *dayz like this?

Word Structure connects to Understanding

Understanding that letters can have more than one pronunciation is vital for reading and spelling. When children feel confident in their ability to notice the structure of a new word, they are on the right track. As a reading tutor, I help students ‘see’ the word’s structure as they read. Word structure, once seen, cannot be unseen! Not only do they see, they understand. The door to learning opens even wider. They are ready to soar!