Dyslexia Tutoring Methods

First and foremost, my tutoring methods for children with dyslexia are customized. In 1:1 sessions, I can determine your child’s specific learning needs and design lessons to address their specific needs.

Tutoring Step 1

Build Foundational Skills

I start by building foundational skills. But you won’t see us going through endless drills with flashcards! An example of a foundational skill is recognizing the ‘base’ of a word. We become scientists—we examine words, discover the base, and apply the ‘rules’ of English language.

A true scientific theory does not have endless exceptions—and the English language actually works in the same way! I will not teach exceptions to the rules, as they are not needed. Examples that don’t fit rules are not scientific. The English language is actually highly ordered and the structure of English has a beauty to it.

My tutoring method will relieve much frustration. Rather than memorizing rules and then exceptions to the rules in spelling, I will instead build understanding.

Frustration is replaced with understanding.

Tutoring Step 2

Follow Students Curiosity

I always make sure to follow the curiosity of my students. For example: if your child wants to know why some words become plural with an < s > and others need an < es>, I will teach your child why! Even if your child does not specifically ask this (very important) question, the opportunity to study plurals will come up again and again. We will see other words that illustrate the plural-making concept. As a teacher, I can find a way to provide a natural opportunity to investigate the question. It’s exciting to see a transformation from frustration to curiosity. From frustration to understanding is even more exciting! My approach builds general and specific understanding. This growth in understanding fosters self-confidence, which in turn motivates students to follow their curiosity to learn even more! They thrive while learning why!